Ultra Wire Fly

Ultra Wire Fly

Find the Cheap Blade mCX RTF Helicopter at Amazon online store

Find the Cheap Blade mCX RTF Helicopter at Amazon online store

Product Description BLADE Blade mCX RTF››Ultra Micro Fun Anytime, Anywhere Indoors

Get A Great Deal On The Blade mCX RTF Helicopter And Why?

Read on to find out where you can buy an Blade mCX RTF Helicopter online! But first of all, read all Blade mCX RTF Helicopter Features before you buy BLADE Blade mCX RTF, just to make sure you are getting the right one.

  • 100% factory-assembled, test-flown and ready-to-fly right from the box
  • Includes everything needed to fly-there's nothing extra to buy
  • Ultra micro size and weight perfect for indoor flying
  • Innovative airframe design and electronic components offer incredible durability and precise control
  • Coaxial, counter-rotating rotor head design for unsurpassed stability and ease of flight

What's more exciting than the Blade mCX RTF Helicopter? Here are the Blade mCX RTF Helicopter Description:
Product Features BLADE Blade Scout CX RTF 3-Ch Heli
››Brushless main motor››A great 2nd heli for anyone who has flown a coaxial or single-rotor fixed-pitch heli››Softer control response around center for transitioning pilots››Includes 6-channel HP6DSM 2.4GHz DSM2TM transmitter››Includes DC Li-Po balancing charger with AC adapter

With so many different models available for the new BLADE Helicopter Toys, it can get a little confusing. Which model is the best deal for you? The Blade mCX RTF Helicopter is one of the most popular BLADE Helicopter Toys out there right now. Brand New Blade mCX RTF Helicopter which was first-released at Amazon (by BLADE to be exact) is now available for purchase! There are some reasons why people want to buy Blade mCX RTF Helicopter - This review is from: BLADE Blade mCX RTF. Just keep reading...

Like it, February 7, 2012 By Bob
This review is from: BLADE Blade mCX RTF (Toy) I have had mine for a few years now and while I have others in the same class... None compare. I love to just kick back and fly this durable little guy. Takes my mind off things and I can just goof off and have fun. Parts are cheap and plentiful and so are the hop ups. Grab one of these and forget the mall kiosks and the shisters.

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Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces in the world! Why would you still go to the shop personally when you can do shopping from the comforts of your own home? Looking for a place to buy Blade mCX RTF Helicopter, Be sure to read Most Helpful Customer Reviews before you Buy BLADE Blade mCX RTF. Just follow the link below and you’ll be immediately redirected to Amazon where you can buy Blade mCX RTF Helicopter for the best price.

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