Spey Fly Fishing Reel

Spey Fly Fishing Reel

Fly Fishing Tackle Overview: The Snowbee Prestige Switch Rod

There isn't anything better than gathering up my fly fishing tackle and heading for a cold, fast-running stream. Over the years, I've acquired quite a collection of gear, but each piece has its place and purpose in my overall scheme for successful fly fishing. Regardless of whether it is a rod, reel, or accessory, I have been really careful to assure that all new procurements that I make are affordable as well as very serviceable. Because of this, I generally go for the leading brand name, instead of the slighter known ones. One brand I'm quite partial to is Snowbee, and for good reason, in my opinion. Read on to learn about one of my favourite rods: the Snowbee Prestige switch rod.

Fly Fishing Tackle: In Regard to Switch Rods

If you are clueless as to what a switch rod is, it's a cross between a regular single-handed rod and a longer spey rod. So, the fisherman can cast overhead in addition to spey style with the same rod. Because switch rods are famous for being extremely robust, the fishermen can cast a long distance without the length and added weightiness of specifically utilising a spey rod. In my opinion, I'm just an average fisherman, but I can cast 100 feet and above with regularity. I've also found switch rods to be exceptionally comfortable to hold, with minimal strain on wrist or shoulder. Finally, switch rods are great pieces of fly fishing tackle because, with them I able to cast perfectly in constrained conditions.

Fly Fishing Tackle: Why to Select the Snowbee Prestige Switch Rod

Experience has taught me that lighter switch rods, #5 and #6, allow me to cast with either one or two hands, so I appreciate their versatility. The heavier rods #7 and #8, usually do require two hands. Being that I have used all four of them to fish with, my favourite is the #6 Snowbee Prestige switch rod. I feel that applying this rod for spey casting is especially easy, helpful and just perfect. Just like the other rods in its grouping, the Snowbee Prestige switch rod works best when combined with particular lines to maximise its usefulness, operation, and adaptability. So, for best results, I recommend you match this rod with Snowbee's specially designed fly lines for switch rods. For the utmost in functionality, make sure that you utilise a Snowbee poly-coated leader too.

Fly Fishing Tackle: Extra Facts on the Snowbee Prestige Switch Rod

In my opinion, this rod is functions equally well in virtually any fly fishing locality. It also works well with most anglers' fishing style. In addition, if you are going to apply switch line along with this rod, you should pair it with the exact size reel such as the Snowbee Geo 790 or Geo 910. The rod has a robust, cotton drill bag, together with a well-designed, square Cordura-covered rod tube. The tube comes with a resourceful carry handle and a changeable shoulder strap.

If you are trying to develop your fishing abilities, fly fishing tackle such as the Snowbee Prestige switch rod merits a careful assessment.

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