Fly Leader Ft

Fly Leader Ft

The Agricultural Law Protecting Kansas

When the Mediterranean fruit flies infested California, it did not appear like they were crossing the borders to other states but Kansas agricultural law always have these scenarios covered since its effectivity in 1907. There is just a slim chance that fruits contaminated with maggots will enter Kansas because the afflicted part was not the commercial fruit growing parts of California. Just in time to begin pestering, the flies would be dead if ever they make it to the state.

You can be assured of a dead Mediterranean fruit fly if you put it out in a Kansas winter. California has had several other incidences of Mediterranean fruit flies infestation. 1929, 1920, 1956, 1958 and 1963 were the years Florida was infested, Texas had it in 1966 and California in two previous occasions in 1975 and 1976. Past techniques of getting rid of the pests include a medley of Malathion insecticide, traps, baits, and sending away of sterile male insects. Further education on the subject of pest control can be found at local home pest control.

A memo on the agreed plan to be followed by all the states and its officials with the United States Department of Agriculture should any emergency such as this transpire. A countrywide rule is in effect for times of adversity wherein greater number of personnel are trapping the flies and trying their best to get rid of them. Steps for extermination of the insects include locking infested areas along with nearby places, freeing of sterile male flies to cut the number down, and spraying Malathion in the air to kill every insect.

If ever there is a need to employ seclusion, the government consults the formula to identify whether the advantages indeed outweigh the disadvantages. They should find a program that is not just affordable but also effective as an insect exterminator before the outbreak starts. A public presentation should first be done prior to the recognition of the permanent effectivity of a federal or state quarantine. No fruit comes out of the state devoid of a certificate that it has been fumigated and cold treated in the specified time or that it grew out from an unaffected land, once the quarantine is established by the federal government.

The Kansas plant pest act relates the prohibition of any person to transgress the agreement of a federal quarantine and that the state can file a suit in case anyone is caught bringing in quarantined articles into the state while defying quarantine. The entomology division is constantly on the alert for pests which could be detrimental to Kansas. Out of state pests that are truly troubling include the gypsy moth, Japanese beetle, soybean cyst nematode, and witch weed which are found in other states but Kansas and are being studied by entomologists to be trapped. To enjoy more quality pest control information make sure to visit building inspectors.

Kansas is not exempt from the pests that need to be quarantined by other states. California requires all Kansas corn and sorghum grain to be decontaminated or screened before being imported to the said state because there is currently a European corn borer existing in Kansas and California does not have it. Kansas grown apples need to be applied some antidote before being transported to California because of the incidence of plumb curculio and apple maggot. Individual states hold some rules geared to stop the transfer of pests from one place to another just as how other countries oblige Kansas state board of agriculture to ascertain every grain that goes out of the country are cleared an certified as such before being exported.

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