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Fly Fishing Tackle Review: The Airflo Enigma EM3 Reel

Just the same as numerous anglers, I am a thrifty spender. I know I cannot spend a lot, but I strive to meet the demands of working with budget restrictions. In actuality, it is rather uplifting to uncover a good deal that other folks possibly missed. With that in mind, I diligently surf the Net for the best bargains. I am really proud of myself when I embark upon an inexpensive and efficient item of fly fishing tackle. Following are some facts pertaining to an item I have discovered as of late: the Airflo Enigma EM 3 reel.

Information Regarding the Airflo Enigma EM3 Fly Reel

This is a superior aluminium fishing reel which is priced at approximately £49.99. The Airflo Enigma EM3 happens to be among the best fly reels you can purchase for that cost. It has many superior design features, and is built to the standards and specifications of a reel costing much more. This particular EM3 boasts an impressive array of facets, one of the most prominent ones being the large arbour design. But shortly afterwards, its finish captures your interest…

On the Subject of the Airflo EM3’s Hard-wearing Anodised Finish

The reel has a striking and highly durable anti-flashback anodised finish on the high grade aluminium casting, but the EM3's good looking finish is just the beginning. Here's why: Anodisation is an electrochemical process that hardens aluminium, making it 30% harder than steel. Anodised aluminium has got a remarkably long life, and it will not peel or break off. It has chemical solidity and is not poisonous at all.This element is, in addition, really smooth, almost non-porous, and defies sticking or staining. The end result is that the EM3 is exceedingly defiant to deterioration and scraping.

More Facts Concerning the Airflo Enigma EM3

This EM3 boasts a sealed drag system which offers both resilience and consistent functionality. It’s weight is approximately 150 grams and it holds roughly 100 yards of 4 to 6 pound test line. Since it’s a large arbour reel, it possesses all the advantages, such as better line handling, speedy line retrieval, steady drag pressure, and excellent drag pressure control. The sealed drag system is an important modernisation of fly fishing reels. It's well known that exposure to the elements quickly can compromise the integrity and performance of a reel's drag system. The final outcome? The drag slips, and over time, other mechanical problems can develop. Happily, these difficulties have been remedied with the help of the sealed drag, which can guarantee that a reel performs smoothly and also delivers superb drag power.

Concerning the Airflo Organisation

I have become aware that Airflo is an industry with a £45m turnover, and that it ships out more than 1,000,000 orders on a yearly basis. The firm is part of the BVG Airflo Group, which distributes unique mail order fishing catalogues, such as Total Fishing Gear, Tightlines Direct, and Fishtec. Airflo is dedicated to manufacturing superb quality products, and also to staying true to what it deems “a continuous stream of innovation”.

The Airflo Enigma EM3 is an excellent item of fly fishing tackle that I am delighted to have in my array of fishing gear. To collect more information on fly fishing tackle you can visit

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